In “Overwatch,” it is very important for players to know their roles. Remember that the game is all about teamwork rather than individual play. This is where they need to understand how their characters should work.

Perhaps one of the most picked heroes in “Overwatch” is none other than Junkrat. This is most especially with the recent buff Blizzard did to him. So how does one make the explosive expert an efficient member of team? Check out some of the tips below.

Use his Concussion Mines wisely

Keep in mind that Junkrat is now able to store two charges of Concussion Mine, allowing him to use the skill twice.

This is where players can use the skill to their advantage in order to defeat their opponents. They can either use the skill for mobility or eliminating opponents. But perhaps the most interesting strategy is to use them for both.

The “Overwatch” hero can use his first Concussion Mine for mobility. This will allow him to be in a location or point. After wards, he can use his normal attacks to fend off opponents. If finds it necessary, he can just deploy his second Concussion Mine to eliminate enemies.

Target high-valued characters

Now that Junkrat is among the highly mobile characters in the game, he should not have any issue targeting high-valued characters. These characters are often the ones responsible for keeping a team alive, such as Mercy, Zenyatta, and Ana.

Junkrat can use his Concussion Mine to jump right next to them and eliminate them. He can help his team advance by making sure that the opposing team has no support heroes.

More importantly, Junkrat can simply eliminate these “Overwatch” characters with normal attacks. Remember that they do not have health bases compared to tank heroes, making them vulnerable.

But to save time, it is best to use the Concussion Mine to easily eliminate them. If they are alive even after the first explosive, Junkrat still has the second charge to finish the job.

Kill as many enemies as possible using Rip-Tire

Sometimes, “Overwatch” players tend to use their ultimates on single heroes. This is not really advisable, as the ultimate can be used in other crucial situations.

The same can be applied to Junkrat’s Rip-Tire, an AoE type ultimate. As much as possible, players should deploy this ultimate on a good number of enemies. That way, advancing or defending is more guaranteed. Do not deploy it on a single enemy, as this can be done using normal attacks or Concussion Mine. Players can also decide to wait for the ultimates of their allies, so they can all use these skills all at once.