Dive comp is without a doubt the current comp meta in “Overwatch” right now. Its efficiency is just so remarkable that it can always guarantee a high win rate. So far, players have yet to find a comp worthy of replacing it.

But while dive comp is famous in “Overwatch,” there are still players who barely know it. They still have no concrete idea on how it really works. Well, below are some key points to remember. Check them out below!

It makes use of highly mobile heroes

Dive comp is nothing without heroes that are highly mobile. Basically, this comp prioritizes characters that can move from one direction to another with ease.

Why? Because its main priority is to eliminate heroes as fast as players can. Otherwise, this comp would only fail.

So which heroes are considered highly mobile? Those heroes are Winston, Tracer, Genji, Soldier: 76, and Lucio, among others. These characters’ skill sets give them the mobility needed to compose the dive comp. While comp does not necessarily need to consist of these characters, the efficiency is high if all heroes are mobile.

Targeting high-valued characters

Since dive comp wants to win the match using mobility, it is only right that its main priority are high-valued characters in “Overwatch.” These characters are usually the ones with lower base health or that they provide support and boost to their allies.

Among the popular high-valued characters are Mercy, Ana, and Zenyatta. All three of them can provide massive healing powers that are enough to keep a team going.

When using dive comp, the players’ main goal should be the high-valued characters. They must target their offense or defense towards these heroes. Besides, it is advantageous to them, so to speak.

They have the mobility to get in and out of a battlefield. Take for instance Genji: he can always use his Swift Strike to leap towards Mercy. He can then use his projectiles to eliminate her. If attacking her proves to be deadly, he can always climb walls or double jump to escape.

Support is still badly needed

Contrary to popular belief, the comp actually needs a good amount of healing from support heroes in “Overwatch.” Remember that its priority is to dash in and out of a battlefield.

This strategy alone requires a good support to keep the hero alive. Otherwise, it will be impossible for the dive comp to achieve success.

For instance, Winston can jump towards the opponents’ support heroes. He can target either Mercy or Ana, but most likely, the enemy team’s DPS characters will find him. This is where support characters can become significant. They can provide Winston healing and boosting to keep him going.