In “Overwatch,” players always have their favorites. These are heroes that they are comfortable using and/or playing. They are basically called mains.

When talking about mains, it is impossible not to include Pharah in the conversation. She is just one of the most heavily picked heroes in “Overwatch.” However, not everyone is good at using her. Below are some tips on how to be efficient in using her.

Target high-valued characters

Pharah both has the range and firepower to inflict massive damages, making her a scary opponent in the battlefield. But to make her more effective, she must prioritize the opponents’ high-valued characters.

She has the mobility to do so thanks to her boosters and long range.

From afar, she can send missiles to inflict damages to the likes of Mercy and/or Ana in “Overwatch.” By eliminating them, the opposing team will find it hard to defend or advance. Why? That is because they do not have the support characters that can either heal or boost them. Pharah’s allies, on the other hand, can easily penetrate and complete the objective.

Send damages to tank heroes

The interesting fact about Pharah is her AoE firepower. Remember that her missiles can hit a good number of enemies all at once, as long as they are within the AoE. This is where she can use this advantage in hacking core defenders such as Reinhardt and Roadhog.

These heroes make it difficult for the team to advance. So, as much as possible, try to hit them with the missiles.

If the enemy team's high-valued characters prove to be a nuisance, then prioritize them. If not, simply focus Pharah’s firepower to the opponents' tank characters. For sure, they will run for cover. It is also an effective way of burning her ultimate called Barrage.

As soon as it is up, she can just deploy it anywhere in the map. This is where the last tip enters.

Use her ultimate wisely

It cannot be denied that Pharah’s ultimate ability called Barrage is a deadly one. It rains heavy missiles onto a target. However, this ultimate can also be rendered useless if players are not careful enough.

For instance, she tries to deploy the ultimate not considering the fact that D.Va. is there. The latter can simply use her Defense Matrix and eat all the Barrage missiles.

So, as much as possible, find the right time to deploy Pharah’s ultimate in “Overwatch.” Do not rush it. In fact, it is advisable to use it alongside other heroes’ ultimate such as Zarya’s Grativon Surge and Reinhardt’s Earthshatter.