Its been a few years since the last proper “Borderlands” game came out. Other than the ones published by Telltale Games for most platforms, fans have been waiting for the next installment to come out. Apparently, the series’ developer, Gearbox Software, was unable to work on a follow-up game due to their commitment to other projects. Earlier this year, a tech demo of what was speculated to be the next installment was shown during GDC 2017. Fans got excited as they caught a glimpse of what was rumored to be “Borderlands 3” in development. Now, the studio revealed new information about its progress, along with information about its release window.

Gearbox Software shares ‘Borderlands 3’ development status

Randy Pitchford, Gearbox Software CEO, recently confirmed that around 90 percent of their staff shifted development priority to “Borderlands 3." The news apparently came from PAX West, where Pitchford made a comment about their studio’s development status regarding the game. Other than that, no further information about a definite release date or anything else was revealed. However, some analysts speculate that the developer will make an announcement soon. There are a few gaming-related events in the near future like The Game Awards, Paris Games Week, and the PlayStation Experience later this year, which could possibly be the venue for new details to come out.

Fans finally get a legitimate announcement

A few months ago, an alleged leak suggested that the new loot-based shooter would be announced during E3 2017. Moreover, a retailer based in the UK supposedly posted the game on their website before the game expo started. This led gamers to falsely anticipate a reveal during the gaming event but they were obviously disappointed by its non-appearance.

On a lighter note, the new info from Gearbox Software finally gives fans something to look forward to in the next few months.

Release date and demo confirm everything

The tech demo during GDC 2017 was already conclusive proof that Gearbox Software is working on “Borderlands 3." Furthermore, the game’s publisher, 2K Games, hinted that a 2018 launch date is most likely to happen.

These details seem to suggest that the shooter will make its official debut soon. The game will most likely come out for all major platforms like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. There is a possibility that even the Nintendo Switch will be included.