As mentioned in various articles online, “Overwatch” goes beyond the gameplay experience. Blizzard has developed a game that offers an interesting storyline worthy of print and/or digital materials. True enough, comics have become a staple in the community.

According to Dot Esports, the studio just released a brand new “Overwatch” comic for players and fans alike to enjoy. This time around, it features the two Australian heroes: Roadhog and Junkrat. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

‘Wasted Land’

The new comic is titled “Wasted Land” and features the aforementioned characters.

It will be released as a digital production come September 6. Following the release of Junkertown map on the Public Test Realm, the developers followed up with an enticing comic installment. But unlike the animated short called “The Plan,” it is believed to be a bit more serious. This is quite ironic considering how demented Junkrat and Roadhog are. Nonetheless, it is worth looking forward to.

Based on the official synopsis, the “Overwatch” comic installment will feature the devastation brought by the Omnic Crisis to the Australian Outback. While Roadhog knows the severity involved, he is said to be surprised by the actual result. The place he once knew has been broken down, while some areas appeared to be scrapped or irradiated.

Fortunately, there is Junkertown. It is a place where hermits, brutes, scavengers, and killers, among others, take refuge. It remains unclear, though, if “Wasted Land” will serve as a follow-up to “The Plan.” Perhaps it is going to be a separate story, though it will most likely be connected to the overall storyline of the game.

Roadhog will be taking the limelight

What remains certain, though, is the fact that Roadhog’s true character will surface. His character in “Wasted Land” will offer more depth and history. This should somehow surprise the community, as they will come to know a different Roadhog. Or, at least, it is not the kind of Roadhog they have come to know in the game.

Well, players will just have to wait for September 6 to read the anticipated comic “Wasted Land.”

In related news, one of the “Overwatch” characters in the form of Hanzo is set to be introduced in “Heroes of the Storm.” The latter is among the games developed by Blizzard. The bow and arrow expert will be joining the ranks of D.Va, Tracer, Zarya, and Genji, his cyborg ninja brother. It remains a mystery, though, as to when the studio will reveal Hanzo in “Heroes of the Storm.” But based on the video featuring Kel’Thuzad from “World of Warcraft,” the former Shimada leader might arrive in the game this month.