Overwatch” is without a doubt one of the most popular MOBA titles in recent memory. It is even highly celebrated in the eSports scene. Interestingly, Blizzard is planning to bring the hype to one of their games.

Basically, Hanzo from “Overwatch” will soon be joining “Heroes of the Storm.” The latter is among the studio’s games under the MOBA category. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Hanzo to join younger brother Genji

It is worth noting that Hanzo will not be the first hero to join “Heroes of the Storm.” Tracer, D.Va, Zarya, and even his brother Genji have been listed in said game.

According to Dot Esports, Blizzard made the announcement via a video called “Resurrecting Kel’Thuzad: Finding the Fun.” It basically details the hero Kel’Thuzad from the titular “World of Warcraft” franchise. Interestingly, Hanzo and Alexstrasza’s names can be seen on the upper left corner of the footage. The latter, on the other hand, is yet another character from “WOW.”

A Reddit user by the name of Spellethur was the first to notice the names on the aforementioned video. Apparently, Hanzo’s inclusion in “Heroes of the Storm” makes sense. It will give the game a new storyline involving the famous Shimada brothers from “Overwatch.” As of this writing, the studio has yet to reveal an exact release date for Hanzo and Alexstrasza.

However, there are rumors that the developers might unveil at an upcoming event called BlizzCon come early November. This is definitely going to be an interesting event to look forward to.

Who is Hanzo?

As far as the lore is concerned, Hanzo is the former leader of the Shimada clan. He inherited the crime-themed family business, while his brother is sentenced to death.

Genji basically wants no part of the family, opting Hanzo to beat him to death. But all players know that the “Overwatch” team helped Genji, though he is a walking cyborg now. Hanzo, on the other hand, felt guilty for his crime. He thinks his brother is dead and thus tries to find redemption. He, later on, exits from the empire and decides to impart on a personal journey.

As for Hanzo’s skills and abilities, he is a bow and arrow expert. He is capable of seeing opponents from afar using his Sonic Arrow. He can one-shot enemies thanks to his Scatter Arrows. Like Genji, he is also capable of wall climbing. His ultimate ability is called Dragonstrike, which, as the name suggests, releases two dragons. He is a mid-range expert and is considered as one of the best heroes in defense.