There are a lot of things that players love about “Pokemon GO.” From Raid Battles to Legendary pocket monsters, Niantic has introduced a handful of interesting features. Apparently, though, each update somehow changes the game’s meta.

This is exactly true with Pokecoins in “Pokemon GO.” Players’ way of earning these coins is somewhat different now from before. Well, here is a quick guide on how to acquire more Pokecoins in the current update.

What are Pokecoins

Like many other games, Niantic’s title also has its own in-game currency and it is called Pokecoins.

They can be used to purchase items directly from the in-game shop. They can help in buying stuff for upgrades, which are mostly acquirable from said shop. Currently, there are two ways for players to obtain this currency in the game. One is by way of playing real-world money (which is Niantic’s way of monetizing the game). Second is through gym interaction, an option that most players would go.

The rework changed it all

According to Eurogamer, the way Pokecoins can be earned in “Pokemon GO” has changed. This is thanks to an update Niantic introduced recently. The update, in particular, brought the titular summer 2017 gym rework. But despite this massive change, acquiring Pokecoins is not really that difficult.

How to earn more Pokecoins?

To obtain more of this currency, “Pokemon GO” players must first interact with Gyms. The interaction, however, can only be made once they reach Trainer level 5. Examples of interactions include towering and spinning monuments (just do not confuse this one with the regular PokeStops). All of these can be done by one of the game’s three teams: Mystic, Valor, and Instinct.

This is also where they will use pocket monsters to defend their gyms. In the new update, Niantic significantly changed the way coins work. For instance, in every 10 minutes, players will automatically have a Pokemon in the gym. As this happens, they gain at least one PokeCoin.

Players’ earnings will also be delivered to them immediately as soon as their Pokemon of choice is removed from the gym.

However, there is a limit in earning Pokecoins in a day and that is 50 coins. This applies across all gyms and Pokemon in the mobile game. Interestingly, Niantic announced that the cap was removed, but some players do not agree. Even the titular Reddit community The Silph Road believes that the limit still exists. Overall, though, the new Pokecoins system is manageable especially with the “one Pokecoin per day” system. This should at least help players in their journey to becoming the very best.