In “Overwatch,” players have their own go-to characters. These are heroes that they are really familiar with. While they may be comfortable using them, teamwork is still the main priority of the game.

Unfortunately, though, not all players understand this element in “Overwatch.” This is most especially true in Competitive Play. Players would rather pick heroes based on their individual desires, not minding the overall efficiency of the team. Below are some truths why players need to put significance in teamwork.

It’s the game’s core

Blizzard has been very vocal about the updates and/or changes they develop and introduce.

These are all geared towards promoting and encouraging players to work as a team. Remember the team when Doomfist proved to be too much? In a matter of days, the studio nerfed him. It was primarily because the developers wanted the gauntlet-wearing hero to be balanced.

This is why “Overwatch” does not have overpowered characters. No matter how cool their skill kit may appear, they always have their own counters. Moreover, their success rate in matches depends on the way they work alongside other characters. Take for example Reinhardt: he may be an invulnerable tank thanks to his shield. However, he is not as effective without the help of support heroes like Mercy.

It provides consistency in either attacks or defense

Most pro players will say that they rather have a working team than a skillful player. Why? Because they themselves understand how the game works. There is far more consistency in attacks or defense when a heroes work as a team. No matter how good that Hanzo is, he still nothing if the overall team composition fails.

For instance, he may be good at killing high-valued characters. But if the team does not have support heroes, he is still likely to die countless times.

A working team comp allows players to wage war without the burden of getting eliminated. That is because every player knows that one of his/her teammates will be there to help.

More importantly, he/she knows that the heroes they picked will work in harmony.

Reduces toxicity

This is actually a serious issue in “Overwatch” right now. Lots of players tend to leave early or throw matches. Regardless of tiers in Competitive Play, the chances of playing with a toxic player are high. More often than not, one of the root causes of toxicity is hero preference. Although a player knows that the team needs another support, he will go pick a DPS or tank. As a result, his teammates will get irritated and will blame him if the attack or defense fail. Learning to work as a team is a great way in reducing toxicity in the game.