A couple of months ago, Niantic introduced the anticipated Raid Battles in “Pokemon GO.” It gave players a whole new reason to go outside and capture creatures. It finally gave the game a genuine multiplayer, a functionality players wanted since the game’s release.

According to Bloomberg, the Pokemon Company just confirmed that a good number of multiplayer features will be coming to “Pokemon GO” soon. One of these is none other than the trading system, an upcoming feature revealed by the company’s CEO Tsunekazu Ishikara.

The trading system

Alongside the forthcoming peer-to-peer system, the hit mobile game will soon allow players to conduct trades.

It is still a mystery as to how exactly this new feature will work. Will this allow players to trade multiple items? Can they also trade their own pocket monsters? Clearly, Niantic has lots of answering to do in the near feature. Ishikara explained the Trading System would be one of the many upcoming features. He further added that they have only managed to add at least 10 percent of the features they originally planned. This only means that the future of the game is quite bright.

According to Polygon, however, some players are questioning if the new features will work as intended in “Pokemon GO.” In fact, Niantic’s very own John Hanke said time and again that the implementation process would always be a roadblock they need to overcome.

To simply put it, implementing these new features will not be that easy. Remember Raid Battles? This feature was released in June this year, but it has since been an idea months before it existed.

Does the game need a trading system?

The game’s gist is to collect pocket monsters outside their homes. This has been the main difference of the game against its competitors.

In fact, Niantic is set to maximize this element in the near future. They plan to deploy events geared towards reality, with the “Pokemon GO Fest” being its first. Although the event became infamous for connection issues, among others, it cannot be denied that players are willing to spend money and join these celebrations. But as far as the trading system is concerned, it might propose a significant problem.

Keep in mind that trading should work alongside the game’s main theme: go outside and capture Pokemon. But for this feature to work, there will be a need for isolated players. Sure, trading will give players the chance to own rare creatures. However, for this to be possible, they will have to literally meet the person to trade. What if a player is located in Los Angeles and the other player is in Florida? This means they will need to ride a plane just to trade.