Mercy is without a doubt one of the most controversial heroes in “Overwatch.” This is thanks to the changes Blizzard introduced on the game’s Public Test Realm. Players who main her are frustrated by these changes, though.

It is worth noting that on “Overwatch” PTR, Mercy is unable to resurrect five teammates all at once. Her ultimate ability is changed, though she can still resurrect one ally. Apparently, though, this major change will make it impossible for players to earn the Huge Rez achievement.

Why can players no longer earn it?

Obviously, the major changes on the test server are going to be a huge roadblock in achieving the achievement above.

Her Resurrect has now become an average ability, while her new ultimate makes her a battle-focused hero. This goes without saying that Resurrect’s AoE (Area of Effect) has been significantly reduced, though its cooldown sits at 30 seconds. If players want to earn the achievement using the new Mercy, they will have to Resurrect five players using a single life. Mercy must make sure that these newly revived allies should not die if they want to obtain the achievement. The reward, however, is still the same. It is none other than the “Cute” spray.

Mercy’s new ultimate ability on “Overwatch” is called Valkyrie, and it does not involve Resurrect. But once it is activated, it wipes out the cooldown of said ultimate.

It also reduces the cooldown to 10 seconds, but this is only applicable after the first cast. Remember, though, that Resurrect on PTR cannot be used to bring multiple players to life at once. Rather, it will resurrect dead comrades in quick succession.

When will the new Mercy arrive on the live servers?

As of this writing, Blizzard has yet to reveal an official release date for the reworked Mercy.

It has been on the "Overwatch" Public Test Realm for a couple of days already. Perhaps the studio is still reviewing their options and deciding if whether or not the new version of the support hero is a worthy inclusion. But while some do not like the new changes, other players are happy. They believe that Blizzard did right move, as it is simply how all characters should work.

They also think that this will give Mercy an interesting asset, apart from healing and boosting.

It holds true, though, that the new ultimate Valkyrie makes Mercy a battle character more than a support hero. She gains infinite bullets and can fly for a period of time. Her healing and boosting capabilities are also increased. This should somehow give the game a new meta revolving around the support hero.