The Sims team is expected to release The Sims 4Eco Living community stuff pack in 2018. It seems like there will no longer be any packs to be released this year. Hence, the Eco Living pack will be the next stuff pack for the franchise. Moreover, Simmers can now cast their votes and choose the official title for the next stuff pack.

No stuff pack until ‘The Sims 4’ Eco Living

The upcoming Eco Living stuff pack is in full production. SimGuruGraham even confirmed that their team would be releasing it sometime in 2018.

The pack’s images have also been released in the game’s community blog.

The pictures were posted with the tagged titles “sp13_image 1” and “sp13_image 2” respectively. With this, it seems like its development team won’t be releasing another stuff pack in 2017. Hence, the upcoming game featuring the Laundry gameplay will be the next stuff pack of the franchise.

Electronic Arts (EA) is yet to confirm all details about the game’s next community pack. Nevertheless, players are advised to wait for the 4th quarter teaser. This new trailer is expected for release next month.

Simmers can now vote for the pack’s official title

The Sims team has already released the fifth survey of the “Create a Stuff Pack” campaign. With this, the community is involved again in developing the upcoming Eco Living pack.

It specifically allows players to choose the new game's specific name.

In the survey, Simmers can vote any of the four thoroughly vetted names that are direct and to the point. It includes “The Sims 4Rustic Lifestyle Stuff, Rustic Home Stuff, Laundry Day Stuff, and Laundry Stuff. These titles were carefully chosen by the game’s producer, marketing team, EA team, internal business groups, and other members of its development team.

The vote for “The Sims 4” Eco Living community pack will end on September 8, 2017. Hence, players still have time to participate in choosing the game’s specific name. They can also participate in the sixth part of the “Create a Stuff Pack” campaign which is the Pack Icon Vote. This survey will allow players to choose the next game's particular icon that will appear in its box art and within its in-game catalog.

The next vote will be on September 13 to September 15, 2017.

Since the upcoming community pack is in full production, the development team is now hard at work in creating and adding more amazing features to the game. Stay tuned for more updates!