Players are hoping that Niantic unleashes new creatures in “Pokemon GO.” Although the studio hasn't revealed much, there are hints from the ongoing event. In fact, the new Pokemon is part of the upcoming batch of pocket monsters, the Gen 3.

According to ComicBook, data miners first discovered the evidence in “Pokemon GO’s” code in summer. They suggested that the developers of the hit mobile game were working on a Pokemon, which was first seen on “Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.”

The new pocket monster

It is true that most players didn’t expect Niantic to release Gen 3 pocket monsters this year.

Nonetheless, some of them are hoping for these Pokemon to be unleashed sooner than expected. As mentioned, there are clues acquired from the current Equinox event. Perhaps the first and most noticeable one is the triple XP players are enjoying right now. It is worth noting that this boost can only be acquired whenever they capture new species in the game. Apparently, most players now have almost captured all creatures from the first and second generation. They, therefore, believe that this boost was meant for the upcoming Gen 3 Pokemon.

Another clue refers to the Pokedex perk in “Pokemon GO.” It is believed to be a sign that more creatures are on their way to the game. In fact, this could be true considering that one of the perks got extended from the so-called “Pokemon Day.” This extension was made possible, as a way for Niantic to promote the Gen 2 pocket monsters.

So, in a sense, it is very likely for the studio to do the same process with the third generation Pokemon.

The release of special eggs

One of the most interesting things about the current “Pokemon GO” event is the release of special eggs. All of these eggs fall under the 2 KM category and contain a mix of barely common and rare pocket monsters.

The known Pokemon hatching from said eggs includes the like of Tyrogue, Mareep, Larvitar, Porygon, Skarmory, Chansey, and Snorlax, among many others. While most of these creatures like Chansey and Larvitar are typically rare in the game, it is still odd considering that other creatures like Zubat and Oddish are included in the special egg pool.

Many believe that Niantic did this on purpose in preparation for the Gen 3 Pokemon. They suggest that several of these common creatures have Gen 2 evolutions. The event might be used as a way to help players complete their Pokedex, so they can all prepare for the new batch of creatures.