Niantic has been on a roll lately, releasing update after update in “Pokemon GO.” This is completely understandable, as the studio simply wants to keep the gaming experience interesting for the players. The most compelling so far is the release of the anticipated Legendary beasts.

ComicBook recently reported that a feature just arrived in “Pokemon GO” courtesy of Niantic. Apparently, it is not something that is new to the community. This is definitely worth looking forward to. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Raid Eggs are back?

Some players located in San Francisco are reporting that a Legendary Egg just appeared over a gym at the famous Bay Bridge.

It even has a timer counting down to when the egg will hatch. Apparently, though, Niantic has yet to confirm this finding from the community. Nonetheless, many believe that Bay Bridge is perhaps a site being used to test EX Raid. Besides, it is where the studio is located. While this is an interesting turn of events, the studio has yet to formally announce anything.

Basically, Raid Eggs will appear in “Pokemon GO” just two hours prior to the start of a Raid. This is to simply inform players when the Raid Battles will commence. The original idea behind it is to give players enough time to find teammates. This should also allow them to prepare and plan their attack. But for some reason, Niantic removed the Raid Eggs from the game.

This happened with no announcement. Later on, players found out that Legendary raids arrived.

History of the Raid Eggs

There are “Pokemon GO” players, however, suggesting that they see Raid Eggs from time to time. However, they tend to disappear later on, leading to speculations that they are caused by a bug or glitch. Technically speaking, the Raid Egg found in San Francisco is the first “official” egg for Legendary Raids.

The images players took defines the egg as something that has stripes and looks metallic. These images have been uploaded to various social media sites.

It remains a mystery as to whether Niantic will release these Raid Eggs or not. Or perhaps they are already working on the eggs’ final touches. If this is the case, then players will soon find out the truth behind these newly discovered eggs.

One thing is for sure, though - the studio is currently testing out all EX Raids. It could be that the studio was simply testing a new feature. More of these eggs may surface in the next few months or so.