Earlier this week, Blizzard Entertainment released a major “Overwatch” update that brought the new Escort map, Junkertown, as well as some tweaks to the heroes Mercy and D.Va. But it seems like the developer is not done balancing the support hero Mercy. According to a report from DeathRattleSports, Blizzard Entertainment launched a new minor patch that changes Mercy’s ultimate ability to Valkyrie. The new ultimate skill is also capable of strengthening all of Mercy’s abilities for at least 20 seconds. Using Valkyrie will also decrease the cooldown of the Resurrect ability.

The change was made because of Mercy’s contribution to its on-fire meter.

Minor update

The latest update fixes some minor in-game issues in “Overwatch,” such as the problem of Mercy and Genji’s ultimate voice lines. The new “Overwatch” update will now allow Mercy and Genji to use their ultimate voice lines while using Winged Victory or Oni skins. The update also removed four maps from the Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch rotation. The said maps are Hanamura, Horizon Lunar Colony, Temple of Anubis, and Volskaya Industries. The developer did not state the reason why the maps were removed, but the maps will still be available on custom games mode. The update was released for Windows PC, and it will soon be released into a larger patch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Permanent Bans coming soon

In other news, Blizzard Entertainment recently announced that the “Overwatch” system will be implementing harsher rules and regulations next week. The developer will implement permanent bans for those players who continue to exhibit poor in-game behavior. Permanent bans will be strictly implemented on “Overwatch” Competitive Play starting September 27.

Players will have to earn three or more seasonal bans on their accounts to be eligible for a permanent ban. According to a report from GameRant, the “Overwatch” system can still issue a permanent ban even if the player acquired the seasonal ban in different game seasons. For example, if a player receives one seasonal ban in “Overwatch” season 1, then another at season 3, and a third in the current season, the account will be automatically banned for accumulating three seasonal bans.

How to avoid Permanent Bans?

Players should take note that the “Overwatch” system will not withdraw the permanent ban over a period of time. However, bad records and penalties can still be removed in an account as long as the player shows good records. But players should still be careful going forward.