Blizzard periodically adds new content to “Overwatch” that keeps the game fresh and updated. Major releases usually include new characters and maps, like Doomfist or Horizon Lunar Colony. However, Blizzard usually restricts these new features in the Competitive mode for a week or so. That said, Junkertown is now part of the map rotation in competitive matches.

A new escort map

According to Dot Esports, the latest “Overwatch” map is now part of the Competitive Play game mode today. The map was originally released on the live servers about a week ago after being on the Public Test Realm for three weeks.

This is the first additional escort map that was added to the game since it launched last year. Here, players will have to escort a payload filled with jewels and explosives to the Junker Queen’s main base.

The map is based on the Australian Outback set after the events of the Omnic Crisis. The first point is a wide open field perfect for heroes like Pharah and McCree. The second and third point are like a spiraling maze as the attacking players will have to navigate through winding streets and hallways. On a different note, lore hunters will be pleased to find new tidbits about the Australian heroes, Roadhog and Junkrat. Take note that the map rotation is still random, so you might not see Junkertown in your first few fights.

Other changes

That aside, the recent Junktown patch also brought in some major hero changes. Firstly, D.Va’s Defense Matrix has been nerfed for some powerful new abilities. She can now shoot while flying, making her a perfect counter against aerial heroes. Moreover, she's also gotten a new skill called Micro Missiles that barrage foes with a volley of deadly projectiles.

Mercy, on the other hand, has also gotten a major rework. She can no longer bring a group of dead players back to life with her Resurrect ultimate ability. Instead, her new skill greatly amplifies her current abilities and even allows her to fly. While she can still revive fallen allies, the skill is only limited to one person.The good thing here is that it’s on a cooldown basis, meaning you don’t have to charge your ultimate ability to resurrect your teammate.

Another recent patch also nerfed the ultimate recharge rate. If you die once you activate your ability, your charge rate will reset to zero in spawn. This change will force players to play more strategically and be a little less careless when using their skills.