Blizzard has different and unique ways of explaining the “Overwatch” lore to fans. Aside from cinematic shorts and in-game references, they also create comics for certain characters. The previous comic they released was for Roadhog and Junkertown, giving fans a little more insight into the character. Now, Blizzard is getting ready to release yet another story featuring the Russian hero, Zarya, tasked with finding and eliminating the Talon hacker, Sombra.

A short teaser

According to Twinfinite, Blizzard will be releasing the next comic soon. Titled “Searching,” the plot will follow Zarya on her mission to take down Sombra.

Blizzard has released a short synopsis for the comic, and it seems like the Russian soldier will be facing some trouble. The plot takes place after the "Infiltration" cinematic short that released last November. Sombra managed to blackmail Katya Volskaya with images of the CEO dealing with the omnics. After the video, there is a short teaser of Katya summoning Zarya, assigning the Russian soldier her Upcoming mission.

In a desperate attempt to track Sombra down, Zarya is forced to team up with an omnic hacker. As we know, she’s not particularly fond of omnics and views them as a threat. She even enlisted in the Russian Defense Forces during the Second Omnic Crisis. That said, it will be interesting to see how Zarya’s outlook will change once she has no choice but to work with an omnic.

The “Overwatch” comic is slated to launch this Sept. 27, but Blizzard has revealed its official cover art.

Ultimate usage nerfed

In other news, the latest “Overwatch” patch nerfed the overall ultimate usage in the game, as per Dot Esports. Previously, characters like Bastion and Genji kept some of their ultimate charges if they died as soon as they used it.

While it wasn’t at 100 percent, these players could still quickly regain their ultimate charge again.

However, the latest patch completely removes all the ultimate charge if you die in mid-animation. Players who use characters like Mei will have to time when they’ll use their ultimate ability. If a Widowmaker manages to land a headshot just as they use it, their ultimate charge will drop down to zero.

What's worse is that you would have also wasted your chance to use Dragonstrike or Blizzard.

Nerf aside, the latest patch also fixes several bugs. D.Va has also gotten a minor adjustment as Blizzard has added a new option for her Boosters. The previous “Overwatch” patch added the new Junkertown map along with the Mercy and D.Va changes. Those who want to lay the team shooter can get a copy for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.