Quite a number of "Overwatch" players are plagued by a bug that has been going on for weeks now. Fans who were affected by it could potentially lose their hard-earned rank points and wrongfully implement bans on their accounts.

Players have been raising this concern on Battle.net, Reddit, and other gaming forums for weeks now as this is indeed a game-breaking bug. The root cause of the problem has yet to be determined by Blizzard, though the game developer is already aware of the extremely rare, yet very serious glitch.

Kaplan responds

"Overwatch" Game Director Jeff Kaplan issued a statement today regarding the season ban glitch.

According to his the post on the game's forum page, he stated that the bug has been identified that can cause players to lose their skill ratings and ultimately slap a seasonal ban (in some cases permabans) on their accounts.

Faithfuls who got hit by this nasty bug need not fret though as Kaplan assured fans that they will be lifting these season bans and restoring their rank points. His team has already detected almost 200 accounts that were affected by it, and continues to monitor others to immediately roll out some workarounds while they are looking for a permanent fix.

At the time of writing, Blizzard did not disclose a definite time as to when the fix will be implemented. However, Kaplan stated that they will be rolling out updates as soon as new information is available.

Ban time stories

Players who were unfortunate enough to experience this nasty glitch are not exactly sure how it hit them. However, they believe that the bug happens whenever players leave the match while it is still on its loading phase. By the time they restart a new game, they will then be stuck in that loop as it will continuously fail.

This caused their skill ratings to drop significantly, followed by the seasonal ban.

There's also a similar case that happened in one of the accounts as he claimed that his brother's account got a permaban. The player - who goes by the name Elfski – stated that his sibling's been playing on an Xbox One. He added that the account in question is clean as a whistle and never got a warning from Blizzard.

When they tried reaching customer care and began asking about the details leading to the account's permanent ban, The player claimed that Blizzard's support did not disclose anything about. He also added that the folks that they talked to were rude to them. Check out a video about the game here: