Overwatch” is a team-based game that requires you to work with others to complete a certain objective. Each player has a role to play, be it if they are an Offense, Defense, Tank, or Support character. That said, the best way to win is by working together, especially during team fights. However, it’s always easier said than done since there are times when certain teammates can’t keep up or they just flat out refuse to cooperate. This is frustrating, especially for a Support Main who has to focus on keeping everyone alive amidst their blunders in battle.

That said, here are the struggles of being a Support main in “Overwatch.”

Target Prioritization

With Lucio as an exception, all healers can only heal one hero at a time. It isn’t a problem sticking to one target when battles start, but things start to get really hectic as major team fights break out. You’ll have to juggle between multiple targets as more than one ally will be in critical health. The “I need healing!” prompt will flash on your screen as you attempt to keep everyone topped at full health. There are times you really won’t be able to save anyone, making it difficult to choose which teammate to keep alive.

Watching both sides of the battle

While Support remains busy trying to keep everyone alive during team fights, they also have to watch out for enemies who are trying to kill them.

Chances are your teammates won’t even help you as they’re too busy fighting someone else. While it’s basically their job to keep you alive, sometimes you have to find other ways to make sure you live. It can be really infuriating when you’re forced to fight back against an annoying Tracer when you should be healing your team instead.

Even so, it’s a really satisfying feeling if you manage to kill a DPS hero as a Mercy.

Toxic teammates

Probably the most annoying thing about being a Support main is having to put up with obnoxious allies. These people will usually complain about not receiving any healing when in truth, you’ve literally just healed them. Moreover, they’ll order you around as if you’re their personal healer, thinking they can win the game all on their own.

They might even dive into enemy lines by themselves, expecting you to die alongside them.

Overwatch” Support mains have to put up with a lot of chaos during battles, but it’s also one of the most rewarding roles in the game. There’s nothing better knowing that you managed to sustain fights and save allies with your well-timed healing skills.