Overwatch” is arguably one of the most successful titles in recent video game history. However, its record will soon be challenged by the upcoming game “Destiny 2.” Fortunately, these games are all under Blizzard, so the real winner here is the studio.

Interestingly, “Overwatch” and “Destiny 2” actually share something in common. The latter’s original title basically resembled the former in early development. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

The resemblance

Destiny,” the original game, was dubbed "Project Tiger" at the time. Apparently, though, it went through various forms in the late 2000s.

According to GameSpot, this discovery of the two titles’ resemblance was heavily detailed in a book called “Blood, Sweat, and Pixels.” It was written by Kotaku’s new editor, Jason Schreier.

Basically, developer Bungie wanted to outdo their work on the titular “Halo” series. This eventually led to concepts that were somehow inspired by “Diablo” and “Overwatch.” The latter, on the other hand, was nicknamed "Titan" at the time. "Titan," however, would be cancelled and redeveloped.

It was Jaime Griesemer who came up with the idea of developing a shared-world shooter. He was the lead designer for the first three installments from the “Halo” series. He recalled how similar “Overwatch” and “Destiny” were during that time.

He even mentioned about visiting Blizzard and finding out that they were also working on a project similar to his. Of course, though, “Destiny” ended up being a totally different game.

Multiple Resets

Griesemer also mentioned about the multiple resets they had to do with “Destiny.” It was due to the fact that Bungie wanted to develop a title bigger than “Halo.” Apparently, though, the game ended up almost exactly the same as the latter.

He then admitted about having issue with the studio, as he never wanted to go in such a direction. Unfortunately for him, the company forced him to resign from his post. Nevertheless, the game proved to be a massive success. Its sequel is even expected to introduce huge numbers.

'Destiny 2'

The original title proved to be a massive success.

It opted Bungie to move forward with a franchise. Now, the sequel is slated to be release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The latter, in particular, just received the game's beta version. So far, everyone is pleased with the game's performance and aesthetics. It has surpassed expectations most especially on the PC platform.

'Overwatch' and its success

As for “Overwatch,” its success is still very much alive. Players are very well-engaged, most especially with the new updates. While some were not happy with the changes, others embraced the new stuff. One of things that fans love about the game is its interesting roster of characters. Every single hero offers compelling skills and abilities. However, not a single one of them is too powerful. They all have counters, an element that Blizzard has always wanted to introduce from the start.