IllFonic and Gun Media recently released the official trailer forFriday the 13th: The Game first paid DLC. It teases fans a good look at the new set of downloadable items and what appears to be one of Jason’s new kills.

In a newly added news section of the game’s improved website, the game developer launched the latest sneak peek at the Spring Break 1984 DLC – the first ever paid update for the game. The new trailer offers a nice glimpse at all the counselors in their stylish spring break swimsuits.

Watch the Spring Break 1984 DLC preview below.

In the latest trailer, Tiffany is wearing a skimpy bikini and Chad in a Speedo while the others get a mix of board shorts, one-piece bathing suits, and floral-printed shirts that best fit their own unique personalities.

Apparently, after getting a short glance at other characters in their new beach-themed clothing, Chad steals the spotlight and makes a dramatic entrance in his fashionable zebra-print Speedo trunks.

Interestingly, his swim wear in the trailer is not the same piece of outfit shown at the last frame of the teaser video. So, it is possible that players might have more choices of clothing for every counselor in this new DLC.

Jason’s new kill teased

Unfortunately, it didn’t end up well for the fan favorite counselor.

Chad faced a quick death with a spear thrown by Jason right through his head. This, however, may have teased the gamers one of the possible new kills of Jason.

But the spear the killer used to murder Chad is not currently available in version 6 Jason. So, this could be an early tease at one of the different new kills coming soon in the game after the release of Spring Break 1984 DLC.

In fact, the game’s official website did confirm that players can look forward to seeing new kills for each of the upcoming Jason versions and the spear throw might just be one of these kills.

Paid DLC release date and price

IllFonic has not yet set a release date for the Spring Break 1984 DLC but the new trailer says it will be launched “soon.” Notably, the incoming clothing pack is the first paid update in the game since its official release in June on Xbox One, PS4, and PC platforms.

As for the price, players need to shell out $3.99 for the paid DLC but they can grab it at a price of $1.99 for a limited period around the time of release.

The physical copies of “Friday the 13th: The Game” on Xbox One and PS4 will be out in stores on Friday the 13th of October for a price of $40.