In games like “Overwatch,” DPS heroes play a crucial role. After all, they provide the team with the most significant damage. If they fail to do so, a team is unlikely to succeed.

In “Overwatch,” one of the most picked heroes is none other Soldier: 76. While he is not as complicated as Genji in terms of playability, he is only as effective as the player using him. Below are tips on how to become an efficient Soldier: 76.

Use those Helix Rockets wisely

Helix Rockets provide huge damage to heroes, most especially the ones with lower health base. This is where players should utilize this skill wisely.

While there is nothing wrong about using Helix Rockets on Reinhardt’s shield, it is still a better option to hit high-valued characters such as Mercy and Ana, among others.

Keep in mind that they have low health base in the game. If players are successful in eliminating them, the opponents will have a hard time either defending or attacking. There will be no support characters to heal and boost them anymore.

Keep your allies healed

Soldier: 76 is actually a good support hero in “Overwatch,” too. This is thanks to his Biotic Field, which allows him to regenerate health. Here, players can help their team by deploying the skill in crucial parts of the matches. For instance, the tank character is having a hard time absorbing damages due to low health.

Deploy the Biotic Field to give him regeneration. This will give the entire team a quick boost in defending and attacking. Doing so can also help burn Soldier: 76 ultimate ability called Tactical Visor.

Target high-valued characters

Due to Soldier: 76’s mobility and efficiency, he is more than capable of eliminating high-valued characters.

As mentioned, these are characters in “Overwatch” that provide the team with healing and boosting. The most common ones are Lucio, Mercy, and Ana. Soldier: 76 has the perfect skill kit to bring these heroes down, giving the team a huge advantage.

So if a Mercy is around the corner, make sure to target her first among other opponents.

If the Tactical Visor is ready for deployment, then go ahead and target Mercy and other support heroes. More often than not, a team without support heroes is likely to be defeated. It is still best to deploy the ultimate without any counter from the opposing team. For instance, Lucio’s Sound Barrier can provide his opponents added health points and thus eliminating them becomes a huge roadblock. Make sure to deploy the ultimate when these counters are not around.