It is another day for Blizzard to introduce another update on “Overwatch” Public Test Realm. The studio just introduced new sets of tweaks and improvements. Apparently, there is one significant change that might earn the attention of all players.

According to PCGamesN, the developers made some serious changes in “Overwatch” ultimate abilities. Basically, players need to make them more useful, as they can now be gone in a flash. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

The ultimate changes explained

In the current version of the game, if things go wrong and players are unable to utilize their ultimate, there is still a slight charge left on said ability.

This applies whenever they die while trying to deploy it. This became a very significant element to characters like Mei and Bastion, whose ultimate abilities take a good amount of time to be fully charged. But this is likely to be changed, as evident by the update Blizzard brought on PTR.

On the “Overwatch” test server, there will be no charge left on the ultimate even after a hero fails to deploy it after death. So, in a sense, players must make sure they are able to utilize these abilities even if it means dying in matches. This should not be an issue, though, with characters who are able to charge ultimate abilities quickly. Take Hanzo, for instance: he is among the fastest heroes to charge ultimate abilities, just as long as he provides substantial damage to the opponents.

But for the like of Reaper, Mei, and Bastion, this is going to be a huge roadblock.

Other updates

Apparently, the update mentioned above on “Overwatch” PTR is not entirely bad. Some changes actually have potential, and they are worth looking forward to in the live servers. For instance, the game’s Assault mode is getting some interesting presentation changes.

These should make it a little bit easier to read, as the numbers of both the defenders and attackers are evidently shown on the objectives. Moreover, the progress bar is broken into three parts, with each of them having audio-visual cue whenever they are filled.

There are also a couple of minor changes on the test server. Muted players are finally no longer unmuted when they either leave or rejoin a certain match.

Roadhog, in particular, receives a minor change on his repair kit. He can now retain his typical rotund proportions, regardless of how emotive he can become. It is worth noting that these changes are all tentative. Some might make it to the live servers, while others might be removed. It all depends on Blizzard, though.