Despite all the ups and downs, “Pokemon GO” remains to be a massive mobile game. Its popularity even grew the moment developer Niantic introduced new features like Raid Battles. Well, this goes without saying that the Legendary Pokemon gave the mobile title a huge boost.

Now, the studio is looking to migrate all Legendary beasts, as reported by ComicBook. This is something that players should be fully aware of, as it completely changes the gameplay. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Legendary beasts’ migration

So what exactly does this migration mean?

Basically, these special Pokemon will migrate continents. To put it simply, players will no longer be able to catch whichever creatures is currently appearing in Raids in their respective area. Niantic did not give any specific time, but the migration is expected to happen today. Right now, Raikou is up against trainers in South and North America. Entei, on the other hand, is fighting trainers in Africa and Europe. Suicune is battling players in Australia and Asia. Once the migration happens, these beasts will switch places.

Niantic has yet to announce the specific continents of the Legendary beasts, though they are expected to do so later on. But once the migration happens, they are set to stay in their new places until October ends.

Afterwards, they will be migrated again to newer continents come November. Based on past switches from the studio, there is a possibility that two Legendary Pokemon will appear in the same area before the entire migration process finishes up.

Catching the new Legendary creatures

There is a huge reason why “Pokemon GO” players should start capturing the new Legendary Pokemon as soon as they can.

That is because they have the opportunity to earn triple XP for adding a new creature to their Pokedex. It is worth noting that this boost will only last until October 3, so they better hasten up. If the past Legendary Pokemon are any indication, then it is possible that more and more players will join raids. As expected, too, there will be a plethora of rewards and bonuses to enjoy.

It is up to Niantic to distinguish what these will be, though.

Meanwhile, many “Pokemon GO” players on forums are wondering when the promised feature called Trading system will arrive. After all, Niantic mentioned about this in the past few months. Although the studio remains to be silent, many are hoping for the feature to arrive within the year. The Trading system, as the name suggests, will allow players to trade items and/or Pokemon with other players. But as far as the full mechanics is concerned, this remains to be seen.