Game developer Behaviour Interactive released the newDead by Daylight Leatherface DLC on Xbox One consoles on Tuesday, September 26. On the other hand, gamers on Sony’s current-gen console are still waiting for the killer from “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” until now.

However, the wait will soon be over. PS4 players will get their own dose of fun from playing, as the chainsaw-wielding murderer will arrive very soon.

Leatherface DLC PS4 release date

On Twitter, the studio confirmed that the face-wearing villain will kill on PS4 on October 3. This is exactly a week after the release of the DLC on Xbox One.

The development team made the announcement of the PS4 release date just a day after Leatherface made his way on Microsoft's consoles. Apparently, it did not reveal the reason behind this delay on Sony’s gaming platform.

PS4 players will pay the same price of $4.99 in order to get Leatherface as the 9th killer in “Dead by Daylight.” Just like other killers in the game, Leatherface also comes with various perks and skills. These include Knock Out, Barbecue and Chili, and Franklin’s Demise.

The Wraith rework

In more news, game director Mathieu Cote and designer Stefan Horvath talked about the changes in the game in this week’s developer stream.

They also touched on The Wraith rework, which fans requested after reworking on the Doctor.

According to the duo, the Wraith is supposed to be the most powerful hunting-based killer in the game. Thus, this will be the reference of the changes that will be introduced in the rework for the Wraith.

Changes to expect

The bosses detailed the changes that players can expect with the Wraith rework.

It is noted, however, that these changes are still subject to some minor tweaks. The Wraith will be quieter while walking and he will take a single second to cloak completely. The uncloaking speed will still be 3 seconds, however, he will be able to walk at the same speed as the survivors. The sound of the Wraith’s bell will only be audible within 24 meters.

This is opposed to the infinite range, where it can be heard anywhere in the whole area.

The killer's “whoosh” cloaking sound will be heard within 56-meters and there will be an increase in movement speed while cloaked. Blood trails and scratches from Survivors will become brighter and more vivid. Also, the Wraith will now break generators and destroy downed palettes while cloaked. From the looks of it, these rework changes on the Wraith will transform him into a more interesting playable killer. Players will then enjoy an exciting experience in the hunt. But Mathieu and Stefan said that there will be additional changes in the rework. Thus, it is plausible that the list of changes will expand later on.

"Dead by Daylight" is an asymmetrical horror video game currently available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.