Overwatch” recently put a spotlight on its two misfits, namely, Junkrat and Roadhog. The duo starred in a recent animated feature from Blizzard which gave fans a peek of their previous misadventures. It seems that the pair’s past actions actually led to their eventual exile from their home called Junkertown.

Meanwhile, PC players have been able to test out the new payload map through the Public Test Region (PTR). It has been standard practice for the developer to preview upcoming content via the PTR and gather feedback from players. However, the lore behind the aforementioned couple was recently revealed along with the official release date for the new map.

‘Overwatch’ Junkertown preview footage

Fans of the team-based shooter game have been waiting for updates regarding Junkertown’s official release. Blizzard latest “Overwatch” video finally confirms September 19, 2017, as the launch date for the new content. Players using PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC will all experience the new escort map on the same date. It was also confirmed that the controversial sign, which prompted Blizzard to issue an apology to Australia, will be updated to ultimately reflect the correct text. It might seem like a minor issue but the game studio wanted to address cultural inaccuracies that might offend their fans.

The story behind their exile

Obviously, Junkrat and Roadhog both hail from down under and came from Junkertown.

According to Blizzard, the new details revealed in the video are “really important.” The game’s backstory explains that the above-mentioned location came to be after conflict raged between omnics and the locals. The robots were allowed to relocate and even replace most of the workers there by the government.

The move affected the local population and led to a rebellion wherein it ultimately led to the place being blown up.

After the incident, the people started to rebuild on the wreckage and called the place Junkertown. Shortly after, Roadhog and Junkrat were exiled when they blew up the Queen's treasure, for undisclosed reasons.

Details about the development of the map

The shooter’s development team allegedly visited an actual abandoned ghost town to record some of the map’s sound effects.

The place was intentionally designed to feature some stores and restaurants that would entice players to want and visit. They pointed out that a hand-crank was used to create the sound of the payload in movement. Additionally, the team even recorded the audio of a swarm of flies to give the map a realistic touch.

Hero balance and more

Along with the launch Junkertown next week, “Overwatch” fans also expect some of the recent changes to D.Va and Mercy to make their debut. Blizzard does not seem to have any plans of slowing down, as rumors hinted a new hero, quite possibly the Queen of the aforementioned town, as the next hero to be added to the game. Likewise, the studio as has plans for more animated shorts in order to expand the shooter’s lore even further.