"Pokemon Gold" and "Pokemon Silver" were Game Freak's second generation of Pokemon games after the success of their hit titles "Pokemon Red" and "Pokemon Green" (Japan) and Blue(US). They were first released in Japan in November 1999 as the first set of Pokemon titles designed for the Game Boy Color.

The games also marked the first expansion of the Pokemon Universe by the addition of a new region and 100 new Pokemon. One remarkable feature was the implementation of an internal clock, making real-time events possible in-game.

To mark the game's 18th year, these games will be recreated as Virtual Console versions for the Nintendo 3DS. The company did the same with the Red, Blue, and Yellow versions in the US to celebrate the 20th anniversary in February 2016.

Relive your adventures in the Johto Region

Similar to how the Game Boy Color version games started, the nostalgic adventure began at the protagonist's hometown in New Bark Town where he will be asked to do an errand for his neighbor, Professor Elm.

The errand was to find the Professor's colleague, Mr. Pokemon, in Route 30. Of course, he didn't want the protagonist to go there unprotected, so he offered him one of the three starter Pokemon - Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile - to accompany him on his errand.

The adventure will continue with players carrying the role of the protagonist — discover new Pokemon, unveil the secrets and mysteries of the Johto region and become the Pokemon League Champion!

Battle and Trade wirelessly with other players

In the GBC consoles, when wireless connection technologies weren't available, trading Pokemon and battling with friends required the connection of two consoles via a physical game link cable. Back then, the physical links encouraged people to personally approach other players which resulted into forging new bonds and friendships.

Despite the Nintendo 3DS having wireless technology, the Virtual Console versions of Pokemon Gold and Silver do not allow link battling and link trading via global WiFi. This means you can't trade with your friends who are in different countries. Similar to what the process was back then, you can only trade wirelessly within a short distance.

This is to preserve the personal approach that the game promoted during the GBC era.

In addition to the information above, these titles will also be compatible with the Time Capsule function, enabling Pokemon trading from Gold/Silver to Red/Blue/Yellow and vice-versa, as long as the species is available in both sending and receiving end.

Pokemon Bank compatibility

Following the footsteps of the VC versions of the Red/Blue/Yellow games, Gold and Silver will also have Pokemon Bank compatibility which makes trading to Pokemon Sun and Moon, and Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon possible. Specific details for this feature will be provided by Nintendo in future updates.

Check out the official trailer video from The Official Pokemon Youtube Channel and shower yourselves in nostalgia.The VC versions of Pokemon Gold and Silver will be available for electronic purchase at the Nintendo E-Shop on September 22.