Nintendo has revealed that “Xenoblade Chronicles 2” will have a Special Edition containing some goodies. Fans can also purchase a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller with the game’s theme colors.

Special Edition announced

The game company recently revealed the contents of the Special Edition for the upcoming video game sequel to “Xenoblade Chronicles” on the Nintendo 3DS. It contains a few special collectible items that a fan could appreciate.

The Special Edition contains a sound selection CD with most of the tracks related to the game title. A hardbound art book with 220 pages is included, which contains special artworks, first designs, character designs, and more.

It will also have a special metal game case with a beautiful design containing most of the characters of the game.

The Special Edition box will be housing all of these awesome items inside and it will feature the design of the special metal game case too. Fans can purchase this package for only $99.99 at selected retailers only.

Pro Controller with game theme colors revealed

Aside from the Special Edition for “Xenoblade Chronicles 2,” a Special Edition Nintendo Switch Pro Controller was also revealed recently. It has a special design related to the video game, specifically the sword design of the hero. It also has the theme colors of the game, which is a bright yellow, green, and black.

This special Nintendo Switch Pro Controller will have all of the motion controls, HD Rumble feature, built-in amiibo functions, and much more.

A charging cable will also be included and it has a price tag of only $74.99.

Nintendo Direct reveals gameplay scenes

The recent Nintendo Direct show revealed several gameplay features and cutscenes of the video game. One of these scenes showcased the Core Crystal menu that can allow a Driver to bond with a Blade. Gameplay scenes also featured the different features in battles.

The two main characters, Rex and Pyra, were also showcased in the exclusive Nintendo Direct show. Viewers got a close up look at these main characters and how they move in different cutscenes and battles. Several new characters were also introduced, but they did not give any details or names.

The exclusive live video also revealed “Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s” cool environments, which was one of the trademarks of game developer Monolith Soft.

There were large, weird-looking mountains with lots of vegetation, amazing towns with cool structures, a large tree surrounded by a swirling aura, and vast fields filled with animals and monsters.

Release date announced

Nintendo also revealed the official release date of the video game during the live video. They will be launching the game on Dec. 1, which will be just in time for the Holidays.

Check out the "Xenoblade Chronicles 2" Nintendo Direct Presentation video here: