Completionists should take note that Blizzard will change one of Mercy's achievements. The ‘Overwatch’ developers have recently reworked her abilities, which PC players can currently test out on the PTR (Public Test Region). The achievement we are talking about is called “Huge Rez” and requires gamers to use her Ultimate skill to resurrect four or more teammates. With her planned play-style change, getting the achievement is evidently going to be impossible.

Big changes for Mercy in ‘Overwatch’

Players using Mercy usually had to build up her Ultimate by healing or boosting her teammates.

Once she’s ready, it becomes a struggle to avoid enemy fire and lurk behind corners until the opportunity to revive becomes available. The current meta usually suggests that gamers wait until at least 3 or more of their squad members are down and then use Resurrect. Blizzard’s changes made to the angelic healer will permit her to revive one ally every 30 seconds. Moreover, her Ultimate ability has reworked and renamed “Valkyrie,” which changes her overall playstyle

Valkyrie in a nutshell

Once she activates her new Ultimate skill, players can enjoy an increased range of healing and boosting allies. Additionally, the abilities mentioned above can now chain to multiple teammates as long as they’re in range.

Her firearm also gains a faster fire rate with a higher damage output. Lastly, its activation lets her fly around using her “Guardian Angel” skill. It should be obvious that these tweaks will shake up the current meta when Mercy is part of a team.

Some skill required.

Players claim that the original version of the healer was friendlier for beginners who wanted to try a support character.

However, her upcoming changes are sure to require slightly more skill to maximize her potential. Her changes are still limited to the PTR as of now while feedback is still being considered. One of the concerns brought up by veteran players is how overpowered she becomes once Valkyrie is activated while also hit with Ana’s Nano Boost.

“Overwatch” players will need to wait for the Blizzard’s final decision on what they will bring over from the Public Test Region. Some players noted that changes are still being updated for Mercy. Users have posted their opinions on the official forums and wanted the developers to reduce her flight speed during Valkyrie activation. It remains to be seen what changes will make the final cut.