Blizzard has been making changes to a number of heroes on “Overwatch” Public Test Realm. But perhaps the most controversial one is the Mercy rework. The titular support hero can no longer resurrect five comrades, as her ultimate now boosts her for combat and support.

However, in a report from Express, Blizzard is yet making another change to Mercy in “Overwatch.” It has something to do with her Huge Rez Achievement. Well, here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Changes in the achievement

In the live servers of the game, players can unlock the achievement above by reviving at least four dead teammates in a single go.

Once this task is accomplished, players can also unlock a cool, unique spray for Mercy. Apparently, though, the video game company is looking to change this achievement, too, in the game. There will be a new way for players to unlock the Huge Rez Achievement. This is by way of reviving not four but six teammates without Mercy dying. This may seem to be a huge feat, but her Valkyrie’s – name of the new ultimate ability – cooldown has been reset to give her more single reviving prowess. The single revive’s cooldown, on the other hand, has been cut down to 10 seconds. All of these changes happen as long as the new ultimate ability is activated.

Blizzard admits that in “Overwatch,” resurrecting dead comrade is Mercy’s main gameplay.

However, they think that the current ultimate is causing various issues. Not only is it frustrating to play against, but it also “incentivized” players to simply hide away from significant battles. Blizzard further adds that with this new Mercy version, players will have more role to play in fighting and/or defending. The studio believes that Valkyrie will give Mercy the opportunity to offer “big game-making plays,” as it opens new opportunities for her and her team.

Fan’s reaction

While some players accepted this new fate of Mercy in “Overwatch,” some are simply not happy. They think Blizzard messed up with changes on the support character. They also contradict Blizzard’s notion that Mercy is all about hiding and that she goes beyond the role of being a support hero.

Unfortunately for them, this will not change the studio’s decision.

Everyone is just basically waiting for this update to arrive on the official servers. Perhaps players will understand how this new Mercy works as soon as the official update arrives. Besides, one can only decide if whether the new Mercy is great or not. Well, these changes are still something to look forward to.