Mario – or also commonly known as Super Mario – is one of the most iconic characters from Nintendo. In fact, this character’s popularity started during the heyday of Family Computer. Fast forward: Today, he is officially the company’s mascot and is set to receive a brand new game soon.

There is no doubt that Mario continues to be a relevant video game character these days. Most players, however, will believe that this guy is a plumber. Apparently, he is not.

According to Kotaku, Nintendo just announced on its official site that the titular character is not a plumber.

However, the company admitted that this was Mario’s previous job or role. He would just be getting a new rework from the developers. As a matter of fact, the company has already updated his profile and removed the “plumber” title from his official description. Nintendo described Mario as an “all around sporty” and that he is fond of “tennis or baseball,” and even soccer and/or car racing. The character is into everything cool.

Mario, the carpenter?

Simply put, Mario was indeed a plumber, but not anymore. Of course, even if it is a video game, this kind makes his old fans feel “old.” Interestingly, this was not the only job linked to the iconic video game character. His creator Shigeru Miyamoto made Mario a “carpenter.” This was during his first appearance in the critically acclaimed “Donkey King” game.

Interestingly, though, the game’s setting was into construction and stuff.

Miyamoto explains

In an interview with Today, Miyamoto discussed the 1983’s Mario Bros. that brought Luigi. He explained that most, if not all, of the game was “played underground” and thus they developed him to perfectly fit the said setting. It also opened a role for him to become a plumber.

Miyamoto went to say that Mario’s job role depends on the current setting. The scenario basically dictates that to him.

Mario’s popularity rose after his introduction in “Donkey King.” He became the face of the company as well as the franchise’s symbol. His popularity soared when the company brought him into the Family Computer platform.

He was easily a fan favorite, not to mention the simple yet interesting gameplay “Super Mario” offered. Meanwhile, a brand new game called “Super Mario Odyssey” is set to arrive on Nintendo Switch. The company plans to release this game come October 27. The developer promises to release more information about the game in the next few weeks or so.