There is no doubt that “Overwatch” is one of the most popular titles in recent memory. Millions of players from around the world play it. It is even among the most successful games in the eSports scene.

According to GameSpot, developer Blizzard is taking another step in getting more involved with competitive gaming. That is because it plans to set up a massive venue for eSports. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

State-of-the-art venue

The “Overwatch” developer just announced a new venue in Los Angeles called the Blizzard Arena. It is said to be equipped with “state-of-the-art” features, all competitive catering gaming.

The venue is located at the titular Burbank Studios somewhere in southern California. The studio described the arena as a “cutting edge live-event destination,” specifically intended for all pro players and eSports fans, among others. There is no doubt that everyone who is the premier competition will love the new arena.

The upcoming arena is expected to be opened next month, though no exact date has been announced by the “Overwatch” developer yet. It will offer multiple sound stages as well as control facilities for broadcasting activities. There will also be a number of facilities for teams to practice with their members. More importantly, there will be a store that will cater fans who want to buy items based on the certain event going on.

When is it coming?

The Blizzard Arena is initially announced for October 7, though the studio explained that the date might be changed in the long run. Either way, it is confirmed to be launched. The arena will cater first the start of the “Overwatch” Contender Season On Playoffs. But, of course, the arena will cater other eSports tournaments throughout the year.

Some of these events are believed to be “Hearthstone” Championship Tour’s Summer Championship and the “Heroes of the Storm” Global Championship. Furthermore, the new arena will feature the highly celebrated “World of Warcraft” Arena Championship. These are the first confirmed tournaments, but more of them will surface in the next few weeks or so.

For instance, Blizzard will reportedly host various “Overwatch” tournaments such as the League matches. The latter, in particular, is set to be launched later on this year. In its most organic form, it is the first major, city-based competitive gaming tournament. Among the team owners here is Robert Kraft, who is also the owner of the New England Patriots. As of this writing, no other details such as images have been announced by the company. Players and fans can expect these details in coming weeks.