Overwatch” is a flexible game that has many options for different types of players. Despite being a first-person shooter, the game has four different roles for players to fill in: Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support. Offense is better suited for those who like to shoot and eliminate enemies, while Support is for fans who prefer to stay in the backlines and keep their team alive. Playing a Support role can be very difficult but is also rewarding when you manage to keep your team alive. Here are a few tips for you if you're planning to become a Main Support.

Prioritize your team over enemies

The first thing you should know as a Support character is that most of your attention is directed towards your team. With the exception of Symmetra, all the other “Overwatch” Support characters can heal. For the most part, that’s what you should be doing as you’re the life source of the group. Keeping your team alive is especially important if you’re using someone like Ana who has the option to hurt or heal the players on the field. Balance your options carefully, but always remember to put your team first as there’s a good chance that they’ll kill enemies faster than you.

Stay with your allies

The main weakness for Support mains is their lack of escape options.

While Lucio may have his speed boost, the other heroes can’t outrun an enemy without an ally by their side. With that being said, make it a point to stay close to your team as much as possible. Don’t bother flanking the enemy or finding the perfect spot to hide while your team chargers off alone. If a good Genji and Tracer finds you, there’s a big chance they’ll manage to kill you.

When you’re with your allies, not only can you escape, but they can also fend off harassers as well.

Keep your lines open

As the Support of the group, you also act as the gatherer of information for your team. When your teammates are off defending the front lines, you’ll usually be the first one to notice if enemies are trying to flank or position for an ultimate.

Remember to call these out in the voice chat to avoid unnecessary kills or injuries. Aside from keeping your team topped up with health, keep your eyes out on the battlefield as well.

Overall, Support mains have to juggle a lot of things when out in the battlefield. You can easily turn the tide of battle by canceling out various ultimate abilities with your own. “Overwatch” is now available to play on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.