The inclusion of Raiden as one of the DLC characters in the Fighter Pack 2 of “Injustice 2” has earned both positive and negative reactions from fans. Most of the negative comments stem from the fact that NetherRealm Studio picked a “Mortal Kombat” character over a DC Comics character. In one Twitter post, it was revealed that there would be some changes in the game’s DLC characters with Fighter Pack 3.

Latest confirmation

On Twitter, “Injustice 2” game director Ed Boon responded to a tweet concerning the DLC characters in the game’s Fighter Pack 3.

Boon’s answer is on point and needs no further explanation. The tweet was inquiring if the next fighter pack will have any “Mortal Kombat” characters. The game director replied with a resounding 'no.' The latest confirmation from the game director is interesting information. This will also serve as a guide for fans who start speculating on the next three DLC characters that will be released with the game’s Fighter Pack 3.

Gameplay trailer

On August 27, NetherRealm Studio released the first gameplay trailer for Black Manta.

The video shows off the DC characters abilities and moves, which appears to be effective on either near or far enemies. Aside from the action-packed trailer, it boasts the high-tech and lethal abilities of the Fighter Pack 2’s first DLC character. Among the notable abilities shown in the latest gameplay trailer includes Black Manta’s Rocket Launchers, which appears to be working effectively while the character is on the ground or in the air.

Black Manta also has Laser Beams that stem from the two red eyes on his mask. The beams do not only follow a straight line of direction when fired. In fact, in the trailer, there is a scene where it was shown fired in an arc shape. Aside from this, the DC character also has a water-based technique. In the video, it was shown that Black Manta can summon a massive volume of water and use it against its opponent.

Moreover, it appears that the character’s Super ability is similar to that of “Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion’s. There is a scene in the gameplay trailer where Black Manta released a spear-like item in its hand, hurled it at its opponent, and pulled it back. It then fired a slew of destructive laser beams that would totally destroy the enemy. You can check out the latest gameplay trailer of Fighter Pack 2’s first playable DLC character in the game. Fans are speculating that the other DLC characters, Hellboy and Raiden, could be released as playable characters in “Injustice 2” in October and November 2017.