It has been days since the Blizzard introduced a newly revamped Mercy on “Overwatch” PTR. However, not everyone is still convinced with the studio’s decision. They feel like the old version is way much better.

Interestingly, there are reasons why the new Mercy is actually quite better than the old one in “Overwatch.” The new changes opened up a lot of opportunities for the titular support character. Well, check out some of them below!

She’s more equipped for battle

It is true that the old or current Mercy is capable of eliminating heroes in the game.

After all, she still wields that small amiable gun. However, it cannot be denied that her main artillery is healing or damage boosting. These are the skills that make her a significant character in the game. But as far as battling is concerned, she is more of a sideliner. Besides, players often pick her for supporting purposes, not battling.

This is exactly where the new Mercy triumphs in “Overwatch.” Blizzard has given her – at least on PTR – a brand new skill set that allows her to wage war. Remember that her new ultimate called Valkyrie grants her the ability to fly infinitely and shoot unlimited bullets for 20 seconds. Her other abilities are also boosted, providing more damage and healing.

This is not to mention the fact that their range is extended.

She can provide support with ease

Again, this boils down to her new ultimate called Valkyrie. Since her boost beams gain extra range, she can heal or boost an ally from afar. This gives her a guarantee that no opponent can reach her. Or, if they do, it will be in a much more difficult way.

As for the current Mercy version, she is limited by her range. She can be easily eliminated, especially by heroes with AoE attacks.

With Mercy having a much better range now, allies can focus more on attacking opponents in “Overwatch.” They will not be that concerned whenever an opponent tries to attack her. But, of course, this does not mean she is completely invulnerable.

She is still killable at the end of the day. However, her new ability makes her a tougher target to aim.

The one-trick stigma will soon diminish

Most “Overwatch” players think that Mercy is a one-trick pony. To simply put it, they think all she does in the game is hide and heal/boost/resurrect. Of course, some players – most especially those who main her – think otherwise. But with the new Mercy, this stigma will soon diminish. Players will start to see her as a support character similar to Zenyatta and Ana, among others. She is now a threat when it comes to providing damage.