There is a lot to love about “Overwatch,” a MOBA shooter-themed title developed by Blizzard. It is just easily one of the most liked games in recent memory. In fact, its pool boasts millions of players from around the world.

Still, not everyone is convinced with “Overwatch’s” popularity. Not everyone is convinced in buying and playing the game. If you are one of them, you might give this article a check. Below are some of the reasons why many love this title.

Every character has a counter

In today’s MOBA setting, most heroes are just overpowered.

They can easily overwhelm other characters without even being influenced by the user’s ability or skill. Not in Blizzard’s game, though. You see, this title has a very interesting set of characters. But no matter how powerful they may look, they always have a counter.

For instance, Hanzo might be a killer hero in “Overwatch.” He is capable of seeing opponents from a distance using Sonic Arrow. This lets him anticipate a character’s movement, which eventually leads to a kill. But no matter how astonishing his skill kit is, he can easily be defeated by the likes of Genji and Soldier: 76, among others. This is true for every hero. The developers created them in such a way that they all have worked as counters to other heroes.

The characters and their origins

It is almost common for a game to offer a great combat experience. But to offer an in-depth experience when it comes to characters and their origins, games nowadays barely have these. In “Overwatch,” you get to enjoy the interesting stories of each hero. Blizzard wittingly added them to give the game an interesting perspective, that it is not just about playing them.

Because really, it is also about loving their individuality and traits.

Players are often introduced to animated shorts, too. This visual strategy helps keep the interest of the community at bay. Each release, fans earn the chance to know more about the origins of their favorite characters. Being a follower of “Overwatch” is certainly a one-of-a-kind experience.

The community is just awesome

Sometimes, the fuel needed to continue playing a certain game is engagement. When talking about this aspect, it is a crime not to include the community. Besides, fans are the ones responsible for heating up engagement. This is exactly what makes “Overwatch” an interesting game to play. You get to enjoy the community and its exciting discussion. From time to time, players share their in-game experience. This goes without saying that they also share canon-worthy concept art.