There is no doubt that “Overwatch” is a great game. It has surpassed records achieved by other titles of the same genre. Blizzard has developed a game that will go down as one of the best in history.

However, it cannot be denied that toxicity is the biggest issue in “Overwatch.” It just corrupts the gameplay experience of players, especially in Competitive Play. Interestingly, Blizzard has finally introduced a reporting system in the console version of the game. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Report system in console

According to Dot Esports, a report and punishment system is finally part of the said platform.

The studio added the feature via Patch 1.14. This should now allow players on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to report bad behavior. This is a much-needed inclusion considering the level of toxicity in the platform. It is worth noting that players have been complaining about why such system cannot be applied in the game.

Blizzard explained that the report and punishment system in “Overwatch” console would not be implemented overnight. The moment reports roll out; the punishment feature will be activated. The studio assured the players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that the system will be further improved. This is a new milestone toward a better gameplay experience and environment.

Why not implement earlier?

The studio claimed that introducing such system in the platform is not an easy task. The developers have to work rigorously on the company’s applications and designs. This means working hand-in-hand with both Sony and Microsoft. They have to ensure that the feature will be consistent with the tech giants’ ongoing system.

For instance, Blizzard must guarantee that the system will not violate the terms of services in both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This is just among the roadblocks to developing the report and punishment system.

PC, on the other hand, has long enjoyed the benefits of having an “Overwatch” report system. However, this did not entirely resolve the issues concerning bad behavior and toxic players.

Players still opt to leave early while others talk trash to either their opponents or allies.

Blizzard, however, is looking to expand the reach of the system on all platforms. The game’s very own director named Jeff Kaplan assured the community that the feature is one of the main priorities. While the studio has already confirmed the arrival of the system on the console platform, it remains a mystery if the release dates on each version will be different. Perhaps the developer will release an official announcement in the next few days or so.