Several players in the community are recently caught in the discussion about the possibility of “Pokemon Go” setting limits on Gym Badges. The capping could potentially result in getting older gym Badges deleted from the game notwithstanding the progress the players have made. The latest discussion stems from a player who has shared its recent observation of Niantic Labs’ popular augmented reality game.

Gym Badges capped?

On The Silph Road Subreddit, a user named ajd121 shared that on his chat group, one of the “Pokemon Go” players has been amassing Gym Badges.

Recently it has collected more than 1000, however, whenever the game restarts the Gym Badge count resets to 1000. To make the matters worse, the older gym that the players have since the start are being deleted.

This gives a collective assumption that the Gym Badges are capped at 1000. Currently, players are still trying to figure out whether the game simply deletes the older gym badges from the player’s list and retains the XP and Level information or if it permanently deletes the badges and erases all the progress the player has made. It is possible that the game is simply limiting the badges that appear in the player’s list to free up some space. However, if it permanently deletes the badges, Niantic is in for another major issue that needs to be addressed.

Getting 1000 Gym Badges is not impossible to achieve in the game especially for very active players who are in big cities.

The recently discovered issue if found to be permanently deleting the player’s progress is alarming. This will discourage players to visit new gyms. Players are hoping that Niantic Labs could shed light on this issue, which so far has not released any comment.

How are badges earned?

In the popular augmented reality game, players earn the Gym Badges after paying a visit to the in-game Gym for the first time.

In order to level up these badges, players can spin the photo disc, battle, or leave the pocket monster in the Gym to defend it. Extra items can be earned for every spin that depends on the level of the player’s gym.

Meanwhile, there are several changes in the Egg Pools of “Pokemon Go.” There are nine pocket monsters that are removed from the pools. In other words, these monsters no longer hatch from eggs and need to be caught in the wild. This includes Generation 1 creatures namely Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander. Other common pocket monsters removed in the Egg Pools are Ekans, Yanma, Staryu, Goldeen, Magnemite, and Vulpix.