Hello Games released another update for “No Man's Sky.” It is the patch 1.35, which is the fifth patch of the game since the release of the huge Atlas Rises update. Patch 1.35 fixed tons of issues in the game. It also added new features that players will definitely like. With Hello Games continuously bringing updates to the game, fans can expect that more features will come in “No Man's Sky.”

New features in patch 1.35

One of the new features that were included in patch 1.35 involved the new handling variances with ships. Every ship now has its own speed and handling system.

This will make each type of ship different from the other. Players can now see the handling of a ship in its statistics screen.

The update also added a new feature where players can now craft numbers of a certain product. Players can also craft more of a certain item while it is being crafted, which is very useful when players unintentionally run out of resources. Transfering of items was also improved in patch 1.35.

The update also added a toggle button that switches the option from buy to sell while in a shop. The appearance of popup menus was also improved. The user interface page transitions were also polished in the update, where players can experience much smoother transitions. The resource to repair a tech in Survival mode was also reduced.

Hello Games also improved the visualizations while editing errain. Critical Warning messages were also improved. Players will also get notified when they select a portal glyph that they haven't discovered yet. The quick menu now has more information when players try to charge something while lacking resources. The update allows players to enable torches while inside caves.

The latest update also improved some features in messaging, translations and user interface.

The new update also brings tons of bug fixes

Aside from the new features, patch 1.35 also brought a lot of bug fixes to the game following the Altas Rises update. First was the issue where players could not save the game they played too long.

It is also one of the most reported issues in the game. The other bug fix included the black dots that appear while looking at the sun. Some audio issues in the game were also fixed. The issue where hazard status effects were appearing while teleporting was also fixed. The mission log that appears while unpinning a recipe had also been repaired. The update brought tons of fixes to the building features. Some mission bugs were also repaired in the update, as well as balancing of some weapons. Rare game crashes were also fixed in the latest update.