No Man's Sky” received a lot of positive feedback since its huge Atlas Rises update. However, some players are still experiencing a lot of issues. Due to this, Hello Games brought a new update to the game that fixed known issues. It is the 1.34 patch, which solved a lot of issues in the game including the Atlas Rises contents. The company has updated the game three times in ten days since the Atlas Rises update. Players are appreciative as they can see that Hello Games are eager to improve “No Man's Sky” and make it a huge success.

What are the fixes in the 1.34 patch

The first thing that was fixed in the update was the increasing size of the save file when a player visited too many portals. The 1.34 patch also removed the draining of charge of the terrain editor when players try to edit empty voxels. Hello Games also removed the exploit where players can freely edit terrain outside their base while standing inside of it.

Incorrect responses to Artemis and Apollo were also fixed in the latest patch. Players are now prevented from being blocked in progressing if they declined to enter glyphs that are related to the game's storyline. Some of the Altas' text that appears from random NPCs when they are speaking was also removed.

The update also solved the issue in the photo mode where the degrees are considered to be a temperature.

The game's discovery screen also now shows images from visited locations. A placeholder image was also added in the game when a certain waypoint has no available images. Players will also be able to scroll names from the discovery page, which is very useful.

The patch 1.34 also solved the graphical issue where a blurring of the screen was showing when the character teleported. The patch also improved tons of symbol appearances in the game, as well as introducing a convenient traveling system. In-game messages were also improved. Unresponsive NPCs that occurred when claiming a new base was also fixed in the latest update.

More fixes might still come in the Atlas Rises update

Hello Games is still unconvinced about the latest patch, as they confirmed in their patch notes that some players might still encounter some problems in the game. The company also said that they are still investigating some issues that were reported by players. Due to this, fans can expect that another update is about to come for “No Man's Sky.” It is also the perfect opportunity for Hello Games to show how they prioritize their players, as they seemed to listen to everything that they reported.