Nintendo’s Mario video games are famous for its family-friendliness, with its battle has been known to jump enemies. However, the company’s latest tactical role-playing video game, “Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle,” appears to be different from the traditional Mario games. The main character and protagonist, Mario, will now utilize a gun blaster when he is fighting his opponents.

Davide Solinai interview

In an interview of Davide Solinai (Ubisoft creative director) with IGN, Solinai talked about several decisions that turned out to developing the unorthodox tactical video game.

Solinai said that the video game company’s legendary designer, Shigeru Miyamoto, told him to make the new game, unlike a typical Mario game. In Nintendo’s latest game, the main protagonist, as well as other characters, will exchange blows against Rabbids.

The “Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle” video game is Ubisoft's Raving Rabbids and Mario franchises’ crossover. The new game will feature single as well as cooperative gameplay. However, several gamers noticed some truly bizarre things of the game, Business Insider reported. Wherein, a number of Rabbids became hybrid Mario characters.

When the tactical role-playing video game first leaked, it received a dull response on social media. But, Soliani claimed that the adverse reaction had been just a brief morale drain.

The game has been well-received among game enthusiasts as well as critics, which was given high grades by reviewers and Metacritic.

Different skills

Nonetheless, once a Kingdom Battle player acquires some power orbs, that player can customize their characters. Fortunately, players can reboot their skills, get back all of their power orbs and can restart as often as the player like.

The game also has different skills, namely Movement skills, Attack skills and Technique skills.

The game’s Movement skills can modify a player’s dash attack or even the player’s team jump. Players can also add extra dash attacks on some heroes. On the other hand, the first tier of the Attack skills unlocks the secondary weapon of the player.

The Attack skills add damage when a player is on the high ground and can give the player extra coins when the player pulls off a golden shot.

Meanwhile, the Technique skills’ primary tier adds a second method to a player’s repertoire. The Technique skills can modify a player’s default technique.