Hello Games has been receiving a lot of positive feedbacks since their recent update on “No Man's Sky,“ which is the Atlas Rising Update. There are tons of new features in the update, making most of the players come back to the game. Hello Games also seems to pursue the title's huge comeback in today's gaming industry as they recently released another patch for the game. The latest update fixes a lot of issues in the recent Atlas Rising update. Players love how Hello Games continue to improve their game. Fans are also starting to request a lot of new features in the game, as Hello Games seems to be serious in bringing back its popularity.

What is included in the latest patch

The latest patch brings fixes in multiple issues on “No Man's Sky.“ Most of them are crashing issues, where the game closes or freeze in a certain activity. The first fix is about the accident when players try to access the galactic map while there are a lot of waypoints. It is believed that the memory usage of waypoints is very high, making the game crash.

Luckily Hello Games have found a solution for it. The crash when players are pinning a specific tech is also fixed. This issue was being reported by most players after the Altas Rising update. Hello Games also fixed the crash when players try to save the game after playing it for a long time, which is causing loss of progress.

The issue where the crediting of guild missions not working properly is also fixed.

Players expect more contents in the future of 'No Man's Sky.'

Players are now starting to wonder what is next after the Atlas Rising update. There are rumors that Hello Games might add more contents similar to the Atlas Rising update, which has provided over 30 hours of story contents.

New biomes and NPCs are also expected in the future of the game, especially bandits where it will try to kill the character. “No Man's Sky“ is known to have a bad launch back in 2016.

However, players are noticing that it has been receiving a lot of new contents, which improves its overall graphics and gameplay. It is believed that the game will become a big hit if the company continues to add new contents in the game.

There are also a lot of speculations lately that the Atlas Rising update is the foundation of the cooperative mode in the future. At this point of time, Hello Games has no announcement yet about the title's next update. However, the company is happy about the success of their well-praised Atlas Rising update.