When news broke that the Switch is currently unavailable in most retail stores, the question whether the company can provide enough stock before the holiday season remains in limbo. The Nintendo Switch continues its less than promising availability in the market, but it's nothing short in updating its latest title lineup. Recent reports reveal that developers can confirm impressive lineup of games for the platform as well as some few details of Triple A games coming to the Switch.

According to the Nintendo Life, Circle Entertainment and Flyhigh Works have been in the works developing games for the Nintendo Switch.

Players are likely familiar with the publishers after they bought the games VOEZ and Kamiko from Nintendo's e-shop. With the upcoming Tokyo Game Show on September 21 - 24, 2017, Flyhigh Works through a dedicated video introduced the upcoming titles coming to Switch, which will be all featured at the TGS 2017.

Nintendo Switch upcoming games

At least 30 games are expected from the combined efforts of the two developers, some of which include "Deemo," "Steamworld Dig2," "Picontier," "Golf Story," "Splasher," "OPUS: The Day We Found Earth," and "TESLAGRAD." Meanwhile, the IGN reports that "Skyrim" on the Switch is unlikely phenomenal, but it would be everything a player hoped for. In particular, the game is getting the thumbs up for a game that runs well on this type of platform, smoother frame rate, and its load time has been noticeably shorter.

Apparently, the game's impressive update has debunked myths that it will never succeed in such handheld device.

Amiibo features on the Switch platform

Interestingly, the upcoming NBA 2K18 for the Nintendo Switch is expected to be largely similar to the PS4 version. According to the Gamespot, the handheld version will also include the Story mode, MyCareer, MyLeague, and MyGM team-management features.

Additionally, the new NBA game on the Switch will feature Amiibo support. It is not yet clear how these Amiibos will work, but normally, Ammibos are miniature characters that are tapped on the console to certain unlocked features.

In other news, the Nintendo Switch remains elusive despite fans struggling to find a unit to purchase.

Even those who pre ordered online find themselves waiting for their items longer than the specified date of delivery. Nintendo for America has since denied rumors that they deliberately control the stocks in order to create hype.