Blizzard has been on the roll lately, with new changes introduced on “Overwatch” Public Test Realm. The studio, for instance, completely revamped Mercy and her skills. They also added a new ability for D.Va called Micro Missiles.

While the changes are still unofficial, players are hoping for Blizzard to shift their focus on one of the characters in “Overwatch.” It is none other than McCree. After all, he is yet to receive a rework for a good amount of time.

McCree’s possible rework

According to DBLTap, it is about time for Blizzard to make major changes to McCree.

Besides, they introduced such changes to the likes of Zarya and Roadhog. Hence it is only right for the said hero to undergo the same process, too. It is worth noting that McCree’s skill set has been untouched since the game’s official release. Ever since last year, the developers have never introduced drastic changes to him. He neither has new abilities nor features, though there have been buffs and nerfs over the course of time. But still, at the end of the day, the hero has yet to undergo a complete rework.

The publication further suggests that McCree is not as good as any of the heroes in “Overwatch.” When it comes to mid-range attacks or defense, Soldier: 76 is always a better option. However, this was McCree’s strength before he got nerfed.

When it comes to flanking, Reaper, in particular, does a great job. This is not to mention his ability to self-sustain at a much greater rate. The cowboy, on the other hand, finds it hard to eliminate tanks and evade attacks.

His weakness

First and foremost, it cannot be denied that McCree is a substantial counter to any DPS characters in “Overwatch.” He can easily go hand-in-hand with the likes of Tracer and Doomfist, among others.

But once these opponents acquire range, McCree’s significance begins to diminish. Sure, his reticle and firepower can still fend off long range shooters like Pharah and Widowmaker. But since his pistol is literally for short range, its ability to inflict massive damage is limited.

Perhaps it is time for Blizzard to stop making changes to tanks in “Overwatch.” It is about time that they shift their focus towards other DPS characters like McCree.

After all, they speak of keeping the game well-balanced. To prove that, they must ensure that every character receives fair share of nerfs and buffs. Maybe they can introduce a new skill to McCree. Sure, his Flashbang is now able to slow down enemies, but it is still not enough. He needs more than the occasional minor tweaks.