The game developer has shared several interesting details about the October update of “clash royale.” Supercell recently conducted an AMA on Reddit. The activity was participated in by fans who were given the chance to ask questions and get the answers straight from the horse’s mouth. Here is a rundown of the game developer’s insights about the highly anticipated update.

New Game Mode

According to “Clash Royale’s” developer, there will be several new cool modes that will be introduced in the upcoming update. This could include some of the best that Supercell has ever made.

It was revealed during the AMA that one of the brand new game modes is immensely different from all others. It will be a 2v2 mode that will be on the game team. Aside from this, the team said that they believe new game modes are a great way to infuse diversity and they intend to continue to try to make new ones. In the future, fans can expect that there will be unique modes and alternatives to challenges in the play game modes.


Aside from new game modes and new cards, Supercell also mentioned about Quests. While they did not provide any specific details during the Ask-Me-Anything, it appears like Quests will be available in the freemium mobile tower rush title. In terms of unranked 1v1, the team confirmed that there are no plans yet but assured fans that it will available in the next update to provide more casual alternatives to the ranked 1v1 of the game.

Moreover, the unranked 1v1 coming to the game according to Supercell will be something casual.

New Cards

According to the game developer, new cards and sounds are regularly included in every update. They noted that there are still a couple of cards left of the four that were already revealed. This means that players can expect one new card every month.

So far, the team shared that they have not yet finalized the cards that will be included in the October update. However, they teased about toying with the idea of having a ghost type of card again.

Other details

There will also be new loading and intro screen as well as new arena and a new Mirror mode. This is a new variant of the game’s random deck mode.

Both players will be given the same random deck with the same deck rotation. Supercell guaranteed that players will have a hard time finding excuses when losing one of the matches. The team revealed that they had fun playing around with the new Mirror mode of “Clash Royale.”