There’s no doubt that “God of War 4” is one of the most anticipated games in recent memory. Sony’s reveal at last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) proves it. As announced, the game will feature a totally different gameplay apart from Kratos getting a new look.

According to GameRant, players of “God of War 4” will be introduced in a brand new campaign. Here, they will have to undergo various decisions that involve both Kratos and his son Atreus. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Feels like a parent

In terms of gameplay, the upcoming title will offer different outfits and/or load-outs for certain characters.

Director Cory Barlog explains that these choices are intended to give players the feel of being a parent. In fact, this intention was made clear at the end of the game’s initial demo in last year’s E3. It was when Kratos teaches Atreus about shooting and killing creatures in order to survive. Sony has always presented the title as something that focuses on a father and son relationship. Barlong clarified that this relationship will be projected via the gameplay.

The “God of War 4” director, however, admitted that the changes did not exactly win the hearts of longtime fans. Some were not happy with the new direction of the franchise. Others even took the chance to criticize the studio and its decision to do so.

It holds true that the forthcoming game will have major changes in its core system, combat, and camera feature. Nonetheless, Barlog and his team are confident that the fan base will love these changes the moment they play the game.

Barlog accepts the consequences

Interestingly, Barlog admits the possible consequences of the new changes they introduced in “God of War 4.

” For him, if the game fails, then the game fails. “I’m just going to be fully leaping off the cliff,” he said in an interview with GameRant. Fortunately, the trademark violence of the franchise will still be part of the new installment. As a matter of fact, the developers of the game ensure that this element will be present.

By doing so, however, they upgraded the game’s combat system. According to them, the game is one of the most brutal in the series.

Instead of Kratos going up against enemies alone, he will be accompanied by Atreus. Barlog explained that this feature will give the gameplay experience a more visceral and personal touch. The forthcoming game is a PlayStation 4 exclusive and is expected to hit the shelves come early next year.