Whether players agree or not, the new Mercy on “Overwatch” PTR is exciting. It is fun to see just how far this new version can go in the meta. Maybe from there, players can decide if Blizzard’s decision is right or wrong.

Still, the most important aspect here is the kind of support the new Mercy can provide. Or perhaps, which of the heroes can now greatly benefit the newly revamped character. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.


Obviously, Pharah is still part of this list despite the new changes. In fact, she can benefit more from the new Mercy.

Remember that the latter can now provide more damage and healing boosts thanks to her new ultimate called Valkyrie. The skill allows her beam links’ attributes to increase exponentially. The damage boost, in particular, will give Pharah extra damage. She can now become a terrifying opponent from the sky.

Moreover, the missile expert will no longer have to worry about protecting Mercy in “Overwatch.” Valkyrie does not only increase the effects of her heal and damage boosts. The links’ range has also been extended impressively. She can now heal Pharah and other characters from afar, giving opponents a hard time focusing.


Many players believe that one of reasons Blizzard introduced the new Mercy on PTR is to counter the popular dive comp meta.

This comp makes use of all highly mobile characters. Apparently, for Reinhardt, he is not part of it. Hence the sudden drop of players picking him in matches. But interestingly, with the new Mercy, the charging expert can once again become a relevant hero in the game.

For instance, whenever Mercy deploys the Valkyrie ultimate, her healing and damaging boosts increase.

The healing, in particular, will give Reinhardt the much-needed healing uptime to withstand attacks. Unlike the current version of Mercy, the new one can cheese her way into keeping Reinhardt and other tank heroes alive. For sure, the opponents DPS characters will have a hard time eliminating him.


Remember the meme “Ryūjin no ken heal me?” This meme refers to Genji deploying his Dragonblade ultimate and then asking support heroes for healing.

This is where Mercy can become a powerful ally. The cyborg ninja will no longer worry about getting ditched while slashing opponents. The boosted healing should be enough to keep his 200 health base intact.

More importantly, Genji can gain more damage in "Overwatch" thanks to Mercy’s Valkyrie. He will become a lethal DPS character in the field. He can now continue inflicting damages from one hero to another.