Game company Nintendo recently revealed that there will be a new character joining “Fire Emblem Warriors.” New heroes and a new story chapter will also be introduced inFire Emblem Heroes.”

Lyndis (Lyn in English) from “Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade” will be a playable character in the upcoming beat ‘em up video game for the Nintendo Switch and 3DS. She was revealed during the Nintendo Direct live broadcast held earlier. It also revealed a new gameplay trailer, which can be viewed below.

Lyndis is a female sword user and in the trailer, she showcased her strength against large odds.

The video also revealed how the weapon triangle system was adapted to this video game. Players will have to notice that swords will be stronger against axes, axes stronger against spears, and spears stronger against swords.

Trailer reveals different character game plays and pairing system

The gameplay trailer also revealed several characters doing their own stuff in battle. Some of these characters are from different “Fire Emblemtitles like Chrom, Takumi, Robin, Cordelia, and more.

The video also explained the pairing system that was featured in the recent game titles of the franchise. In “Fire Emblem Warriors,” two main characters that are paired up can do special attacks and get bonuses from each other.

Finally, the trailer also showcases different customization features for the players’ characters. They can equip them with different types of weapons that can increase their offensive power in the battlefield.

New heroes and story chapter coming to ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’

In other “Fire Emblem” related news, the mobile game of the franchise will be getting three new heroes and a new story chapter soon.

Game developer Intelligent Systems also revealed that there will be a lot of free orbs added as well.

These new heroes will be coming from the Dauntless Crimeans summoning focus, which comes from “Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.” Players will be getting familiar characters from the game title like Nephanee the Fierce Halberdier, Oscar the Agile Horseman, and Elincia the Lost Princess as a pegasus knight.

Aside from the three new heroes, players will also get the treat of enjoying a new main story chapter called the Diabolical Bloodline in "Fire Emblem Heroes." With this new story chapter, they will be able to get more free orbs after finishing each episode. They can use that to summon the old and new heroes and might get lucky with the superb ones.

Check out the "Fire Emblem Heroes" New Heroes video here.