One of the best tactical video games that I have purchased and played was “Fire Emblem Awakening.” It was developed by Intelligent Systems and was published by Nintendo for the 3DS handheld console. Here is my experience and review of this awesome title.

Time travel done right

The highlight of this game’s story is the Time Travel feature. The protagonist is a time traveler who wants to stop an evil menace that will ravage the land in the future. He joins up the merry band of Prince Chrom and tries to make things right until they meet up with his future daughter.

This part of the story introduces an awesome feature of the game, which is the future children in adult form and joining up your team. Players will be handling the relationships of their team members and marrying them will result in future children that will exist in the present and join your cause. This feature totally makes sense, and it is not nonsense at all.

Partnering up adds bonuses

Another feature that piqued my interest in this video game is its partner system that increases stats of the characters. It also increases the relationship status of characters and potentially marries the two characters. The combinations were also numerous, which meant different kinds of additional stats for the offspring after recruitment.

The partner system also made the characters have a high survival rate, which increased evasion and defenses against attacks. It also increased the damage and other stats that make the characters stronger than ever. This made battles challenging, but it had more breathing room now.

Dialogues were delivered well, but it has its problems

The dialogue feature was also one of the best ones I liked about “Fire Emblem Awakening,” but it also had some problems along the way. Characters could say their lines in English or Japanese, but changing the language would not stick and would default it to English. It was annoying to do every time, but you get used to it as time passes by.

No feet kind of looked weird at first

This video game had such a weird feature, which was its 3D design of its characters. When you look at their feet, it is almost non-existent, and it looked goofy. The developers did say that they wanted to achieve a chibi-look for their characters, but it looked funny and backfired.

The rest of the designs are great with 3D character design and environments. It made battles more interesting and believable too.

Limited uses of items made it challenging

Weapons, rods, and more had limited applications, which made the video game more challenging and interesting to play. Players would create their own strategies before going into battle so that they would not lose their high-leveled weapons in it.

I liked this feature because it balanced the partner system and relationship bonuses and made it a complete game to play.

Fire Emblem Awakening” is one of the best tactical JRPGs to play recently and it is a good start before playing its sequels. I will give this game a high score of 7 out of 10 points due to the numerous amounts of hours I have invested in it. I thoroughly enjoyed its game until its final mission.

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