After weeks of drought, players of “Fire Emblem Heroes” are once again in for a treat as Orbs, the game’s currency, will be handed out free of charge, at least if they complete the new Special Maps that came along with the recent update. All five maps have characters from designer Kozaki Yusuke, which means players get a piece of “Fire Emblem Fates” and “Fire Emblem Awakening.” Albeit perplexing, the reward is enough for fans to take on the challenge, especially after the sudden lack of Orb income.

Where have all the free Orbs gone?

Intelligent Systems made players happy when Orbs were pretty much offered for free.

Of course, players still have the option to buy more if they run out, but there was once a time people did not need to spend a dime on the game.

Earlier this month, however, free Orbs suddenly vanished, and in came the seemingly endless rants and complaints from players, saying both Intelligent Systems and Nintendo were ripping them off. On the “Fire Emblem Heroes” subreddit, players took to express their frustrations – a theme that’s been a constant since the first week of May.

“I think everyone should tell IS what they think of this sh***y practice by not buying Orbs, wrote Vanguard-Raven, author of the post. “Hold on to your money. Maybe even [give] negative feedback in Customer Support, as I have already done.”

IS brings back giveaway Orbs – sort of

A significant element in “Fire Emblem Heroes” is summoning new playable characters from across the Outrealms to the world of Zenith.

This requires Orbs, which used to drop free on a daily basis. Since the Orb famine started, players have been stuck on mundane activities, as buying Orbs proved quite challenging to one’s pocket.

Intelligent Systems seems to have heard the continuous wailing of fans, and added along the update a chance to obtain the in-game currency for free.

The developer hasn’t brought back the free-Orbs-upon-logging-in feature, but the new event somehow makes up for dearly missed daily giveaway.

According to Polygon, 12 Orbs will be handed out to each player when they complete the requirements needed during the mini-event. Previously, the game’s third Voting Gauntlet rewarded players with five Great Badges of each color, 5,000 Universal Crystals and 20 Orbs.

Despite being plagued with complaints, “Fire Emblem Heroes” continues to outperform its fellow Nintendo star, “Super Mario Run.” Last month, Nintendo told press that sales for the Mario title continue to be slow, while “Heroes” is currently sitting in the top 10 highest grossing titles list on the iOS App Store.