Destiny 2” is finally here, and players from across the globe love the game so far. Despite a number of tiny flaws, it is living up to the expectations of many. In fact, there are things in the game that even the developers thought were impossible to exist.

According to Fraghero, the first raid in “Destiny 2got beaten incredibly fast. The record it achieved even surpassed the first raid in the original title. Well, here is everything about this interesting milestone in a nutshell.

Leviathan raid beaten

Developer Bungie revealed a couple of times that some raids in the sequel would be a hard one to beat.

This includes the first raid called Leviathan, but interestingly, it got beaten quickly. It was the Legend Himself who claimed to be the first initial clan to defeat the said raid. It only took them around five hours or so to surpass the raid that went live at 10 am PT. This is definitely an interesting turn of events.

In their most organic form, raids in “Destiny 2” are all set in locations unknown to the players. This alone will make the journey to battling them a bit harder, as they have to literally find the whereabouts. The raids also contain various challenges and/or puzzles, as well as troubling chambers. Players will have to explore each one of these and unravel the mysteries. Although anyone could just join raids easily, a good amount of power is still needed in order to withstand the challenges.

Introducing the Legend Himself

The Legend Himself is not a new clan in the “Destiny 2” community. They had already made a reputation back in the first title, and players deemed them as one of the most powerful clans in the game. It was ScaRdrow, one of the members, who managed to eliminate the final boss in the “Wrath of the Machine,” and he did it all by himself.

This time around, though, the raid needed the cooperation of all six members. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for them to achieve victory. In a video embedded below, all members are trying their best to defeat the boss, which they did later on.

Interestingly, the developers over at Bungie’s Seattle headquarters witnessed the action in a “Destiny 2” livestream.

They even cheered for the clan, hoping that they would defeat the boss once and for all.

The victory opted the studio to release a brand new Crucible map set on the aforementioned raid. This will reportedly contain a PvP mode.

Check out the video below to see how the Legend Himself defeated the Leviathan boss: